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Solutions For Your Business


With remittances on collected funds processed twice a month. You can put the money we collect for you back into your business faster than anyone else in the industry. You can also elect for electronic payments so there is no waiting for the check in the mail like with other agencies. 


With our online reporting you can view the statuses of the claims placed with us on your time. With a host of reports available it is easy to forecast recovery projections, place additional collection files and request additional services at your leisure. 


Effectively collecting commercial accounts takes skill and experience. Knowing your industry and understanding supply chains and business operations is paramount to leveraging the appropriate tactics to recover commercial accounts. Our commercial agents are trained in B2B collections and are further specialized in specific industries maximizing recovery rates for our clients. 


Time is the most valuable resource when running any business. By allowing CollectionAgencyRates.com to focus on your delinquent accounts will enable you and your team to focus on expanding your business. We deal with the problems and you focus on servicing active and prospective clients allowing you to build relationships while we defend your revenue stream. 

What our Clients Say

CollectionAgencyRates.com has been a pleasure working with. My rep Mary, is very professional & knowledgeable. They helped me recover 128k from another company who had owed me for over a year! They Saved my company during this hard time… Can’t thank them enough!

John Richards

B & A Chemicals

After dealing with numerous other collections agencies, I decided to give CollectionAgencyRates.com a try. I was very pleased to have Sue as my Agent. She was very tentative and helpful. This is definitely not an easy job, but Sue got the job done. I would highly recommend.

Debbi Mitchell


It was a pleasure working with DCI. The company helped us resolve an issue professionally. We had our money 3 days after we turned the claim over to them for collection. Anthony, our rep, really went that extra mile. I can’t say how much it is appreciated.

Amanda Nicholas

Partner L & G Tooling